A Barbarian from the Kellid tribes of Numeria, Kundal migrated to the stolen lands seeking a new life away from his tribe and sought to build a new one in Sancere. Recently, he began having horrific nightmares during the full moons, having been unknowingly turned into a werewolf.

Eventually, his attacks on townspeople drew the attention of Anatoray’s leadership, which took part in a hunt to bring the beast in. After subduing him and chaining him in the dungeon, Basque and his councilmembers debated on his fate. Seeing Kundal truly distraught and sorry for his actions while a raving beast, Archmage Ephya managed to convince her colleagues to show Kundal mercy.

Kundal now lives feeling under the employ of Sheriff Aeldur where a close eye can be kept on him. He now reports to the Castle dungeons on the week of each full moon to ride out his beastly transformations.


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