Settling the Stolen Lands

In the game of thrones, you either win or you die

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is a proud land, known throughout Golarion
for producing able warriors, regal nobles, and clever
rogues. Yet Brevoy’s two regions, Issia and Rostland,
have long held one another in contempt and now stand
on the verge of civil war. Both Issia and Rostland were
independent nations until Choral the Conqueror’s barbarian
armies and red dragon servitors united the regions into
a single kingdom two centuries ago.
Until recently, the iron rule of House Rogarvia maintained a fragile
peace between the two regions. But a decade ago, House Rogarvia
mysteriously disappeared, and the conniving leaders of
Issia’s House Surtova supplanted them as Brevoy’s rulers.
Now a labyrinthine political landscape plagues the nation,
full of secret alliances, provincial loyalties, and nefarious
plots; civil war seems inevitable.

You are an adventurer who has found themselves in the employ
of the Swordlords of Restov, the ruling council of Rostland.
Long have the bandits who inhabit the Stolen Lands to the
south, plagued Brevoy’s southern border with raiding.
Lands which, by right, should be under the domain of
Brevoy, but have been unsuccessfully settled or mapped
since the founding of Brevoy by Choral the Conqueror.
A civil war with its northern neighbor would surely imperil
Rostland’s southern border to even more aggressive bandit
Thus, you have been tasked, along with other agents under the employ
of the Swordlords, to explore the Greenbelt, a small section
of the Stolen Lands, which seems to be terrorized by a
mysterious bandit leader calling himself “The Stag Lord.”
Your mission, to map the area, and to root out the bandit presence
plaguing the area by any means necessary.

Settling the Stolen Lands

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