Notable Events

4688 AR
Rova 7th Basque is born to a poor baker in Greyhaven

4799 AR
Serenith 15th House Rogarvia vanishes from Brevoy without a trace.
Kuthona 21st House Surtova assumes regency of the Dragonscale throne.

4710 AR
Abadius 28th: The Swordlords of Restov issue charters to adventurers to explore the Greenbelt.
Abadius 30th: The exploring group arrives at Oleg’s Trading Post.
Calistril 2nd: The party eliminates a bandit camp operating in the Northern Narlmarches.
Calistril 6th: Avertyn is killed in a mite lair. Harry joins the party later that day.
Calistril 8th: Rezin Medyved leaves the explorers and returns to Brevoy
Calistril 10th: The explorers negotiates with the Kobold clan. The Kobold priest Tartuk is killed and a peace between Kobolds and Humans is brokered.
Pharast 5th: The explorers discover a dead unicorn. They burn the body and make a prayer to Pharasma on her holy day, the Day of Bones.
Pharast 23th: The exploration party assaults the Stag Lord’s keep, killing two of his lieutenants, accidentally killing Falgrime Sneed, capturing four bandits, and capturing the Stag Lord himself. The party meets Akeros who defects and agrees to aid the party.
Pharast 28th: The party returns to Oleg’s to recuperate. They send word to Restov that the Stag Lord has been killed.
Gozran 4th: A messenger returns from Restov bearing the bounty for the Stag Lord along with a new charter for them to found a new nation in the Stolen Lands, and that Restov will provide some supplies for them. Settlers from around the region begin making their way to Oleg’s Trading Post hearing about new lands to be settled to the south. The party then begins dolling out leadership, they offer Oleg, Kesten, and Akeros positions in this government.
Gozran 10th: A cart arrives from Restov bearing 50 BP worth in gold for their treasury to begin this new country. The party announces to the people camped out around the fort that they will be heading south to found a new city.
Gozran 15th: The train of settlers arrives at the Stag Lord’s fort midday. The Barony of Anatoray is officially founded along with its first city, Sancere.
Gozran 18th: The area is cleared of undead and been prepared for building. Construction on Sancere Castle begins in earnest.
Gozran 29th: Sootscales and his Kobold tribe come to Sancere to pledge fealty to Baron Basque. Lord Loy is sent to inform Sootscales the the responsibilities and privileges of becoming citizens of Anatoray.
Desnus 15th: Sancere castle is completed.
Desnus 23rd: The party is on patrol that night looking out for anything unusual when they hear screams nearby. Upon arriving they see a werewolf attacking a portly merchant, which they quickly subdue and throw in the castle dungeon.
Desnus 24th: The werewolf is named Kundal, a Barbarian from Numeria who didn’t know he was a werewolf. Consul from the Archmage convinces Basque to spare Kundal, with the understanding he’s to report to the castle dungeons every week for the duration of every full moon.
Serenith 1st: After his ordeal with the werewolf Kundal, the portly merchant passes away from natural causes, leaving his wealth to the kingdom.
Arodus 22nd: Avertyn Mines is constructed over the gold dig site.
Arodus 30th: Swarms of locusts attack Anatoray’s farms, causing local townsfolk to blame Ephya’s new witchhut a bad omen.
Rova 17th: After hearing rumors of a witch stealing children from Sancere, the party decides to head south and search for the witch. They find a hag named Elga who the party deems innocent of supposed crimes.
Rova 29th: A Thorp near Sancere is attacked by a Will-o-the-Wisp.
Lamanshan 1st: Perlivash speaks with the party with concern about humans cutting trees in the forest.


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