Completed Missions

Explore the Greenbelt
C 1. Reach Oleg’s Trading Post
C 2. Map the Greenbelt region
C s1. End the bandit presence in the Greenbelt

Capture or kill the bandits and their leader.
C 1a. Kill the bandit party
C 1b. Capture at least 1 alive.
C 2. Find the bandit camp.
F 3a. Kill the bandits
C 3b. Capture the bandit leader
C 4. Capture the staglord.
C s1. (Basque only) Find/return Svetlana’s ring.

Micmac’s statue
C 1. Find statue
C 2a. Bring statue to Kobold leader: Sutscales
C 2b. Exchange statue for ring and dust
C s1. Kill Kobold priest: Tartuk for magic dust

Kill the Staglord
C 1. Find staglord & his keep
C 2. Capture or kill staglord
F 3. Capture Falgrim Sneed
C s1. Bring staglord to Nettle’s ghost
C s2. Kill Falgrim Sneed

Find the temple.
C 1. Locate temple
C 1a. Report Temple back to Druid

Kill Tuskgutter
C 1. Find Tuskgutter
C 1a. Return Tusks to Rick

Investigate the disappearances
C1. Find out what’s responsible for killing the villagers
C2a. Track down the werewolf
C2b. Kill or capture the werewolf

Completed Missions

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