Settling the Stolen Lands

Session Four
The heros return

After concluding their business with the Kobold tribe, the party departs North to set up camp away from the cave. On the following morn they begin exploring Northeast, until they discover a burned down cabin near the river, along with a ruined bridge. Investigation reveals the ruin looks about 1 or 2 years old. A sign near the river indicates the location as “Nettle’s Crossing” with a toll amount and bell nearby, which Aeldur rings.

Upon doing so, a ghost rises from the nearby river. Upon seeing the party, it demands they bring the body of the Stag Lord to him. As it turns to leave, Basque asks the ghost who it was, to which it points to the sign. After finding nothing in the house the party rides away and makes camp for the night.

Over the next 3 days the party explores Northeast, Northwest, and then Northeast again, finding nothing of significance. On the fourth day they turn west and spot a small hut in the plains. After cautiously approaching and shouting a greeting, a disheveled man steps out, and then goes back inside. After Aeldur mentions they have alcohol, he comes back out and greets himself as Bokkin, an alchemist with potions to sell. After a little bartering, Bokkin offers a discount on his potions in exchange for fangberries, which are far to the southwest.

The party camps and then arrives at Oleg’s the next day after more than two weeks of exploring. A contingent of guards has apparently been stationed at the outpost; there is also new faces around. Ephya talks with a Monk called Eronway practicing martial arts, apparently a member of the Pathfinder Society looking for magical items.

That night, there is a feast at Oleg’s to celebrate the destruction of the bandit camp. The party regails everyone with stories of their half a month long adventure. Basque pulls Svetlana aside and returns her ring to her, telling of how it ended up with the Kobolds; she thankfully accepts it. Afterwards, the leader of the Mercenary guards approaches Basque, introducing himself as Kesten Garess; he was sent to Oleg’s by the swordlords to protect it from bandits and to aid the charter group. Jhod, a cleric of Erastil, approaches Aeldur hoping he might have found a temple to Erastil out in the Narlmarches; he asks Aeldur to keep and eye out for one.

The party is awoken the next day by loud banging, upon investigating, they find Rick the Ranger hanging up a bounty notice for Tuskgutter, a boar. It was seen 2 days south of Oleg’s. The party then finds Oleg’s and asks him to put in requisitions for equipment.

As the party is about to leave, Basque approaches Kesten, revealing that he knows about a topic which Kesten was trying to avoid earlier; Basque also states that he believes himself to be a bastard of a Garess, and is hoping Kesten might be able to help him prove it.

The party then leaves Oleg’s heading southwest exploring, eventually stumbling onto a radish patch which is apparently occupied by bloated Kobolds eating the moonradishes there. After Ephya puts them to sleep, the party picks a bunch of moonradishes. Harry decides to put in the hand of a Kobold to distract them from pursuing the party. They travel away and then make camp, the next day they ride east, discovering the liar of a trapdoor spider. The party flushes it out with alchemists fire and kills the spider; inside the nest they find a minion of the Stag Lord with a treasure map.

After another night of camping the party sets off southeast, discovering a claw shaped tree described in the treasure map. The party is suddenly ambushed by a shambling mound, which almost kills Basque before the party rescues him. They search around and then are able to dig up the treasure under the tree.

The party then spends the next few days exploring, crossing the Shrike river heading Southeast and then turning West and crossing the river again, finally spotting the Stag Lord’s keep, a forlorn looking rundown fort. The party avoids it and travels Northeast, where it stumbles upon the fangberry thicket. After a run in with a spider swarm that Ephya destroys, the party then spends the rest of the afternoon picking berries.

Session Three
A comrade lost

Hearing the din of battle and a scream that sounded like Rezin’s, Grull and Avertyn decide they should go into the cave to investigate the status of the party. While inside, they discover Mic-mak hiding behind a table. Mic-mak indicates he was with the party when a monster ambushed them, there is no more sound of battle; so mic-mak believes they’ve been killed. After convincing the Kobold to come with them, Grull and Avertyn decide to proceed further into the cave.

After coming into the next chamber, they find the rest of the party, Ephya attending a very badly off Rezin. They prop him up in a comfortable spot and proceed onwards across the rope bridge. Avertyn makes it across, but Grull pulls a trapped rope, causing the bridge to burst and plummeting her down into the chasm where she gets hurt somewhat. Basque lowers a rope down to her so she can climb up.

Further in the cave, they can hear what sounds like arguing. As they enter the next room, they see a few mites huddled around a makeshift map on a table and a giant tick. Grull charges in to cut down the mites while Aeldur supports her. A mite chieftain mounts his tick and fights with Basque; the tick grapples onto Basque, and then sticks him with a bite to suck his blood, causing him to fall unconscious. Seeing Basque in trouble, Grull and Avertyn leap at the chieftan to attack him. The tick chieftain, with a hatred of gnomes, has his tick attack Avertyn, decapitating him with a devastating bite from its pincers. Ephya then puts the mite cheiftan to sleep and the party finally finishes off the tick. Aeldur then walks around to ensure every mite is dead with his sword.

Grull drinks a healing potion, while Ephya feeds another to Basque, who is now able to stand up, but is still staggered from his wounds.

Ephya then discovers a mite’s note at the strategy table, which she translates from undercommon into a kind of ‘scoreboard.’ It mentions that the Kobolds have stolen some of their magic dust and a ring. The party also finds the statue. Ephya talks with Mic-mak and offers to trade the statue for the ring and the magic dust. Mic-mak doesn’t know about the items, but tells them they can negotiate with their leader Sootscales at the Kobold lair, which Mic-mak points to on the map. After a bit of pressure, he reveals the statue is the possession of ‘Tartuk’ the Kobold priest, it’s his source of power; returning the statue to Sootscales will allow him to kill Tartuk since the Kobolds don’t like him. Ephya determines the item is not magical but doesn’t say so.

Finished with their business, the party continues deeper into the cave, another room ahead has more mites, which most are killed, except two which run away. The room is filled with junk. Ahead, in the next room, Aeldur stealthily dispatches a Mite. Before the party continues, Aeldur notices many piles of sticking garbage, he recognizes them as centipede nests and instructs Ephya to light them on fire. A bunch of centipedes come out, which the party kills, and then sets fire to the nests.

After exploring the rest of the cave, the party retrieves Rezin and Avertyn’s corpse and returns to the surface. The party then sees a patrol of 5 men coming toward them, deciding they’re in no shape for a fight, the party mounts up and heads northwest, back to the gold mine. When they arrive they see signs someone is there, Harry then reveals himself, exchanges introductions with party. He asks if they’d like to team up, to which the party agrees. Camp is set up and the party settles in to recuperate.

That night, Basque does not partake in watch, being too wounded to do so. Aeldur takes up watch with Harry to keep an eye on him. During their watch they hear a party of Kobolds pass by with a chieftain, whom apparently doesn’t notice the mine the party is holed up in.

The next day the party stays put to rest, Ephya providing limited healing. The party buries Avertyn and says a few words for him, making his grave with a large stone.

The party sleeps again that night, undisturbed. The next morning Rezin decides he is not up to the rigors of wilderness exploration and heads North to Olegs. The Party departs South exploring, they locate a rickety bridge across the Thorn river and make camp on the bank.

That night, Harry and Aeldur notice a campfire across the river. They wake up Ephya who sends her Hawk across the river to scout the camp, finding there is only one human there. The next morning the man packs up his camp and heads across the bridge to greet the party. Basque introduces himself, the trapper’s name is Rick. He relates to Rick their mission in the Greenbelt, and sullenly informs him of Avertyn’s demise. The party finishes breaking camp and Basque asks Rick to relate to Oleg’s that they’re alive and well when Rick reaches the fort.

The Party travels Southeast exploring, finding a fork in the river where the Thorn river meets the Shrike river, which is apparently a natural ford. The party stops and camps for the night.

The party begins traveling East exploring the next morning; during the exploration, Mic-mak points out the Kobold cave. Mic-mak goes into the cave to retrieve the chieftain. Harry notices whimpering in the cave and sees a mite, chained up near the entrance. After awhile, the Kobold tribe gathers at the mouth of the cave; Basque then announces he is there to negotiate with their leader, Sootscales. Sootscales approaches, Basque then informs him that they have Tartuk’s statue, and that they’re willing to trade it in exchange for the magic dust and a ring that they know the Kobolds have. Sootscales agrees to trade the ring, but he needs time to procure the dust, when asked why he deflects the question. Basque then leans down and asks if it is because Tartuk has the dust. Surprised, Sootscales confirms this.

Basque lays out his terms. The statue for the ring immediately, and the party will help the Kobolds kill Tartuk in exchange for the magic dust. Sootscales agrees, so Basque hands over the statue, taking the ring. Sootscales holds up the statue for the tribe to see, and then smashes it, proclaiming Tartuk powerless.

The party dismounts and then follows Sootscales into the cave. They confront Tartuk, whom Sootscales charges, Ephya puts Tartuk’s minions to sleep. The party realizing Tartuk is a magical image, finds the real Tartuk and surrounds him. Tartuk tries to turn invisible to escape, but Harry throws flour at him, exposing him long enough for Grull to kill him.

Thankful, Sootscales allows the party to loot the room. The party finds among Tartuk’s possessions, a journal, which details how he was a Gnome turned into a Kobold after a botched resurrection spell. He ended up drifting through Kobold tribes and getting them killed as vengeance. Tartuk it turns out, instigated the war with the mites. He left a suicide note behind, mentioning using a fly scroll.

Session Two
Dealing with the Bandits

Fearing for the horses, Grull and Avertyn are left to go back and guard the camp, while the rest of the party prepares to ambush the bandit camp. The sentries are dispatched with sleep spells, but the main camp perceives the attack. The rest of the party charges in and finishes off the bandits, killing two and wounding the other two into unconsciousness. The party finds a cart of trading goods to loot while Grull and Avertyn bring up their equipment to camp at the bandit camp, preparing for a coming snow storm.

Basque wakes up one of the bandits and begins interrogating him, while the other two are stabilized for later interrogation. Prisoner reveals the bandit leading them is Kessle, but that she isn’t the Stag Lord. The Stag Lord is a man, who resides in a keep two days travel South near the lake; he is apparently an alcoholic and is deadly with a bow. Basque then gets his name, his last words, and hangs him, but doesn’t leave him hanging.

The party hunkers down for the night, and are snowed in. The next day Basque begins training Aeldur’s horse for combat, when the camp is ambushed by a Tatzlworm, which kills one of the horses before the party finishes it off.

Harry, a Rouge from Cheliax trying to “disappear” arrives at Oleg’s after a long journey, hearing about the party, decides he might want to join them.

Later that day, Kessle and her underling wake up from their injuries, Basque then interrogates her. They learn the Stag Lord’s keep is mostly a ruin, and that there are “two dozen men” there, which is mostly met with skepticism. Basque inquires about the ring she stole, which apparently was stolen from her by mites, who live in a large tree to the East out on the plains. Basque promises her an execution ‘of her choice’ which is quickly turned around on him when she asks for a means of death which he can’t provide, until Ephya steps in to volunteer. Fed up, Kessle just asks for it to be done with, so Basque hangs the two of them and retrieves his rope.

The party hunkers down for another cold night, luckily no one and none of the horses suffers frostbite. Ephya sends his hawk out East to look for the tree, which is apparently very far away. Meanwhile the rest of the party explores the immediate area.

The next day, the party packs up their gear onto the cart they acquired and heads East exploring. They come across an abandoned mine which looks long deserted, inside they spot gold on the walls, which Basque spends some time digging to try and get a fair amount while the party sets camp. Meanwhile, with the snow storm having let up, Harry begins traveling south from Oleg’s looking for the party.

The next day, the party breaks camp and heads East exploring again, they find the old tree Kessle talked about, along with a dead Kobold at the entrance. Grull and Avertyn are again left at the entrance to guard their loot while the rest of the party proceeds into the cave on foot. Inside they come into a room with two mites flinging caltrops at each other with improvised devices, the party dispatches them and collects the caltrops before continuing on. In the next room they see a bunch of mites torturing a kobold, the party kills the mites and and stabalize the Kobold. His name is Mic-Mak, the party introduces itself. Mic-mak is the lone survivor of a Kobold raiding party, trying to reclaim a stolen “magic” statue, telling them there are lots of mites further down. Basque agrees to help Mic-mak recover the statue.

The party plus Kobold proceed further into the cave, to a small chasm with a complex rope bridge; Basque, Ephya, and Aeldur cross first, when they’re all ambushed by a huge whiptail centipede. Mic-mak runs away while the party fights the monster off; the Centipede attacks and almost kills Rezin, who falls unconscious barely alive. After some fighting, Basque finishes it with a well placed stab of his lance. Ephya rushes back across to check on Rezin, who is still breathing but unconscious.

The party suddenly hears shouting from deeper in the caves.

Session One
Arrival in the Greenbelt

Epyha, a half-elf witch, leaves Restov and heads south after receiving a charter of exploration from the Swordlords of Brevoy. Aeldur, an elven ranger, leaves the Gronzi forest and also happens to Restov upon which he recieves a charter from the Swordlords. Grull of Skree, a half-orc barbarian, and Avertyn, a gnome rouge, depart from Restov after leaving the Gronzi forest. Rezin Medyved, a human inquisitor, departs from Stoneclimb to Restov, and then from Restov toward Oleg’s trading post. Sir Basque, a human cavalier, departs Greyhaven on horseback, arrives in Restov, receives a charter, and immediately sets out in the same direction as the Swordlord’s indicated the other agents were traveling.

All six adventurers pass by a small hamlet, and a run down border fort. Epyha stops at a thicket of trees to rest, when Grull and Avertyn arrive and decide to stop for lunch. Rezin, Aeldur, and later Basque, pass by and stop when they find out each has the same charter. Ephya then steps forward from the trees to reveal herself. All six agree to a common cause for exploring the Greenbelt, deciding to form a party.

The party departs and arrives at Oleg’s Trading Post by sundown; a structure which looks under construction with incomplete catapult defenses. They are greeted in the courtyard by a man who introduces himself as Oleg Leveton, asking if they are the soldiers he petitioned Restov for. The party informs him they are not, but inquires about bandit activity in the area. Oleg relates they have harassed him and extorted money from him, on the first day of each month, tomorrow being the day the bandits come. The party promises Oleg they’ll solve his bandit problem for him. Overjoyed, Oleg invites everyone into his store for supper, introducing his wife Svetlana. Basque introduces himself and then excuses himself to go stable his horse, Acheron. Svetlana approaches Basque in private and asks if he might be able to find her wedding ring, telling him the bandits took it. Basque agrees to look out for the ring, and return it if he is able.

The party eats well and sleeps for the night, rising early the next morning to prepare to ambush the bandits. They instruct Oleg to stand in the open to lure the bandits inside. A little while later, the bandits arrive at Oleg’s, a few going inside to collect the extortion money. The party catches the bandits off guard and surprises them while Oleg runs inside to hide. Basque rides out of the fort to meet the bandits who didn’t come inside. When one tries to escape, Basque chases him down with Ephya’s hawk.

One bandit died, but 4 remain alive, which the party stabilizes to interrogate. They find a necklace of a Stag on who they assume to be the leader. In addition, the party acquires 5 horses to use for their exploration. Oleg is grateful for the assistance and as a token of appreciation agrees to give the party free room and board when they need for their exploration.

Basque and Rezin wake up the bandit leader to interrogate him, Basque threatening to torture him if he doesn’t talk. He apparently works for someone called “The Stag Lord,” the leader of the local bandits, a woman who is apparently camped out on the Thorn river in the Narlmarches, near a bridge. When the interrogation finishes Rezin kills two of the bandit lackeys after determining they can get no more information from them. Basque objects, saying they need to be executed in a proper fashion. Basque then carries out a formal execution by hanging, asking the last two bandits their names and last words. Oleg then hangs the last 3 off his wall with rope as a “warning.”

The party then rests for the night and rides Southwest quickly to get to the bandits. They find the edge of the forest and set camp just inside the trees to avoid detection. They wake up the next morning to heavy fog and ride south along the lip of the forest until reaching the Thorn river. Ephya has her hawk scout North and South, finding a bridge to the South but the camp to the North in the forest. The party crosses the river to the South bank and sets up camp just within the tree line. They leave the horses, except for Acheron and scout North for the bandits. In later afternoon they finally come upon the bandit camp, presumably waiting for the bandits sent to Oleg’s.


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