Intelligent Minor Artifac

weapon (melee)

A Chaotic Neutral +3 Wounding Greatsword


According to legend, the great barbarian warrior Armagg boasted that he would live forever, that the god of death would never kill him. Angered by his claim, Pharasma sent her minions into the world to aid his enemies. This angered Gorum, who had favored Armagg’s audacity and his tenacity in battle. Eventually, Armagg died, but Gorum stole his soul before it could be taken to Pharasma’s boneyard, and infused it into the sword Ovinrbaane. Gorum built a tomb for Armagg, and his his sword away, foretelling that Armagg would rise again, and use the sword to once again bring war to the Rostland Plains.

Eventually, a mighty barbarian who claimed to be Armagg the Twice Born was able to find the lost tomb of Armagg, after he discovered artifacts looted from Hannis Drelev. He was able to journey into the tomb and retrieve the sword Ovinrbaane. He then proceeded to kill his fellow barbarians, and waited to engage the party as they pursued him through the tomb.

The party killed Armagg, and thus thwarted Gorum’s prophecy, taking Ovinrbaane back to their duchy and locking the sword away inside their vault, guarding the artifact much like they had done with the Eye of Occulus.


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