Emerald Fury

Weapon of the Lonely Warrior

weapon (melee)

A restored +2 Fey Bane Scimitar which sheds eery green light.


The Emerald Fury once belonged to an ancient barbarian warlord, who rose from the dead to kill his own brother after it was taken from his tomb. In the ensuing struggle, the sword was broken, but kept by the enraged undead barbarian, his name long forgotten by history.

Centuries passed before the warrior’s tomb was discovered by the party. In the ensuing battle, the Lonely Warrior was finally slain once and for all, his broken sword recovered by Basque.

After consulting Ephya, the nameless sword was magically repaired, restored to its former luster. Basque decided to bequeath it the name “Emerald Fury.”

Later, in need of a suitable weapon to wield in mounted combat, Basque asked Galstaf to enchant the weapon with Transformative property.

Emerald Fury

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