Terrion Numestie


Terrion Numestie was for some time one of Baron Drelev’s guard captains, responsible for keeping order in the city. After Drelev’s surrender to the Tiger Lord Armagg and his ally, Lord Irovetti, several women were taken by the Barbarian warlord as hostages to ensure Drelev’s servitude. When Terrion objected to this, he was imprisoned by the Baron and stripped of his titles. His eldest daughter Tamary was given to the barbarians.

Eager to salve his pride, Drelev decided to attack Anatoray and attempt to take over their kingdom. Terrion’s younger daughter Kisandra, tailed the mercenary raiding force to Tatzleford, where she slipped away in the night as they camped to warn the town of the attack. Thanks to the timely information, the party was able to deploy defenses for Tatzleford, and soundly repulsed the attack.

Indebted to her, Count Basque asked how he might repay her. Kisandra then related her father’s story to the ruler, and asked him to rescue Terrion. Basque agreed, and cited a need to take the fight to Drelev in order to secure his kingdom.

After infiltrating Fort Drelev, and spending some time preparing a rebellion, the party was able to sneak into the keep proper, where they found Terrion locked up in the Castle dungeon. They were able to free him, and he agreed to pledge his service to them, if he could have his revenge against Drelev.

After the town was taken and Drelev was killed, Basque named Terrion lord of the renamed town of Harkenwold, as his vassal to defend his western borders from further barbarian raids.

Terrion Numestie

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