Svetlana Leveton


Svetlana is the unassuming wife of Oleg, she faithfully stayed with him in his adventure as a frontier sale’s man. Life has been hard for them though, especially thanks to the bandits harassing their business. The stress had put a strain on their marriage, but things began to look up after the arrival of the party.

Svetlana secretly confided in Basque that she hoped he might be able to find her wedding ring amongst the stolen possessions of the bandits. During his adventures, he and the party eventually liberated it from the Kobold tribe. When Basque returned it, Svetlana was overjoyed, clearly lifting her dulled mood.

She continues to maintain the Trading Post, although since Oleg’s promotion as the treasurer of Anatoray, the two can afford hired help to look after the their residence during their trips to Sancere.

Svetlana Leveton

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