Sitndyr Morne


A resident of the former Fort Drelev, now Harkenwold. Madam Sytinder owns the Velvet Corner, the town’s brothel, her home, among the other women’s whom are employed by her.

Sytinder is the secret lover of Kisandra, a women whom the party was told to seek out when they infiltrated the Drelev demense. When the party snuck into her establishment under the cover of night, Ephya disguised herself and was able to persuade the bartender there to get Sytinder to see her.

After revealing Kisandra’s ring to Sytinder, she initially thought that Ephya was trying to make a ransom demand. Ephya tried to explain the real situation, and brought her to meet with the rest of the party. After Basque explained their intent was to overthrow Drelev, she agreed to assist the heroes by sheltering them at her brothel, in addition, she pointed out the location of a secret underground passage the party could use to bypass the keeps outer defenses.

Sitndyr Morne

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