Oleg Leveton


A surly middle aged man who fell on hard fortunes and decided he needed to make his own way in life. He decided to move out to the Greenbelt, along with his wife Svetlana, to an old abandoned border fort, which Oleg has spent his time renovating as a wilderness outpost. He trades with local trappers for pelts and ships them to Restov to make a profit.

Before the party arrived, Oleg had been in trouble with local bandits running a protection racket on his business, making life difficult for the two of them. Unable to fight them off, and with no help from Restov, Oleg was at their mercy until the party arrived in the Greenbelt, eagerly agreeing to defend his trading post and hunt down the bandits preying on him.

Since then, Oleg’s business has flourished, and being grateful for their assistance, Oleg allows the party to stay at his establishment free of charge and is happy to provide food on their stays.

When the party founded the Kingdom of Anatoray, they offered him a position as their treasurer, which he graciously accepted, and now makes regular trips to Sancere with his wife to carry out these duties.

Oleg Leveton

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