Jubilost Narthropple


Leader of a Gnome exploration expedition in search of an ancient dwarven ruin rumored to be in the area and interested in mapping the stolen lands.

He was first encountered by the PCs just west of Sancere, after they rushed to the scene of his troupe struggling to save their wagon from falling into the rapids. The party attempted to come to the rescue by dragging the cart onto the bank, but were unable to fight the current; having to cut their lines before the cart sucked them into the rapids where it broke itself to pieces on the rocks.

Jubilost was in quite despair as he explained to the party dejectedly that the majority of their maps and excavation equipment were in that cart and were now surely lost. The pain is made somewhat worse as Basque explains to the gnome that there’d been a bridge downstream nearby his city, Sancere. The Gnomes had apparently not known about this on their way into the forest.

Basque apologizes for failing to save the Gnome’s wagon, but welcomes them to travel back to Sancere in order to stock up on supplies and try again. From which they’ve staged a few expeditions since.

Jubilost Narthropple

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