Akiros Ismort


The party first met Akiros during their raid on the Stag Fort. After failing to release Beaky the owlbear, Akiros realized the party would surely be victorious in battle, and turned on his bandit cohorts. Stabbing another in the chest, he begged Grull for his life, to which she obliged, seeing the Stag Lord a greater threat.

Approaching Aeldur in the din of battle, he asked for his life in exchange for his help, expressing a desire to see the Stag Lord to justice.

After the battle, Basque decided to hear Akiros out, to which he related vaguely some of his youth. Apparently, he committed some kind of crime which forced him into exile from his home; after which, he fell into bad company as a means to survive. Eventually he entered the employ of the Stag Lord, a position in which he did not enjoy and had been eager to leave when he could, but was unable to until now. Feeling sympathy for the man, and believing in his sincerity to change, Basque decided to grant him mercy, and the group followed in that judgement.

After dealing with the Stag Lord, Akiros decided to hang around with the party as they rested at Oleg’s, and when the kingdom charter arrived from Restov the party asked him to take up office as their new kingdom’s Marshall. A position which he gladly accepted.

Akiros Ismort

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