Settling the Stolen Lands

Session Six

The Temple

As the party crosses the river after retrieving the old map, they are ambushed by an owlbear. After dispatching it, they’re able to set up camp and rest for the night. The next morning, the party sets out exploring east; as they’re moving through a meadow they think they hear growling. Basque and his horse suddenly fall into a pit trap with some kind of rabid dog beast, which the party quickly kills. After getting Basque out of the trap the party made camp.

The next day while exploring East, the party finds a set of tracks belonging to another group; then hear screams coming from the direction they traveled toward. The party rushes off down the trail following the screaming; as they get closer, Aeldur thinks from the sounds that Trolls are attacking the group up ahead. As the party stops to debate about what to do, the screaming stops. The rest of the group stays put while Basque moves ahead to investigate. Coming into a clearing, he sees human bodies littered around three trolls; seeing them dead, Basque decides to leave and rejoin everyone else.

The group decides to head East, away from the trolls, eventually stumbling upon a ruin. Harry and Aeldur decide to get closer. Upon closer inspection, they find a weird lizard inside lying down which has a saddle on it. The two also spot a hut nearby, which suddenly opens up revealing a Boggard stepping outside. Both return to the rest of the party, which discusses what to do. The Boggard hears the group and then finds them. Basque and Aeldur attempt to communicate with the Boggard, but seem to fail, as it speaks none of their languages. The Boggard continues to shoo away the party, indicating that the area is his ‘kingdom.’ Seeing no way to make meaningful communication, the party leaves. While exploring the next day, the party is ambushed by Tuskgutter. After finally taking down the pig, the party cooks a large roast and feasts for the night; Aeldur removes the tusks as proof of their kill.

On the next morning, the party finally arrives at the Temple of Erastil, which looks heavily defiled. The stone working has been beat upon with picks, the temple is covered in the graffiti of all the other gods, and the reflecting pool has been covered in algae. After approaching the entrance, the adventurers are attacked by a huge bear. During the fight, Aeldur notices a broken holy symbol of Erastil around its neck; calling out to Erastil, the bear attacks Aeldur ferociously. After Grull dealt the final blow, the bear morphed into a human, a bracelet on his wrist carrying a woman’s name. The man’s body then crumbled to dust, as if he had been centuries old. When the man died, the area seemed to feel sanctified, the reflecting pool returning to a pristine state. After spending some time restoring the area, the party makes camp.

After an uneventful night, the party decides to begin heading back towards Oleg’s. They start exploring Northwest, when they stumble across a few bear traps and some fresh Human tracks, which lead to a deadfall trap and a dead ranger inside. Upon inspecting the trap, it looks like the trigger was gnawed loose by an animal. The pockets of the Ranger were turned out but the coins weren’t taken. Aeldur suspects animals killed the Ranger and looted his body. That night, squirrels invade Harry’s backpack; Harry has Ephya put them to sleep, and then kills them to make dinner. On the next day, Ephya discovers two squirrels wearing hats watching the party from the trees, both tied to the tree; she decides to free the squirells.

On the way to Oleg’s, Basque’s horse is stricken with diarrhea; Elzbeth is able to provide some herbs to sooth Acheron’s stomach. The party also sees squirrels following them, who seem to keep coming back after being chased off. Other benign ‘pranks’ seem to keep happening until the party leaves the forest. Basque suspects Pixies at works and shouts at the woods in Sylvan for them to reveal themselves.

By the afternoon, the party arrives at Oleg’s.



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