Settling the Stolen Lands

Session Nine

Exploring the Tuskwater

After subduing the werewolf, the party returns to the castle, where Basque has it chained in the dungeon. On the following morning, they head down to interrogate whomever it is after they’ve reverted to their original form. The scared and confused man tells the party his name is Kundal, a Barbarian from one of the Kellid tribes of Numeria who’d been exiled and found his way to their kingdom.

Kundal is aghast when he learns that he’d become a werewolf, and that he’d been responsible for the recent killings. He tells the party he’d no idea that he’d been turned into one, except that for the past two months his dreams have been nothing but nightmares. Basque believes Kundal, but tells him he must take measures to prevent any more of his citizenry from coming to harm. Ephya proposes that Kundal could report to the castle before every full moon to be locked up in the dungeon. The party agrees to this condition, with the additional stipulation that Kundal begin serving with Aeldur’s rangers, to which Kundal agrees. Basque has Akiros acquire some silver arrows for the guard just to be on the safe side. The following day, Basque announces that the culprit has been captured and dealt with.



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