Settling the Stolen Lands

Session Five

Disturbing mysteries

The next morning the party hurries off toward Oleg’s, crossing the bridge on the Thorn river. They agree to split up, Aeldur, Ephya, and Harry head off toward Bokkin’s to exchange potions for fangberries while Grull and Basque return to Oleg’s. While there Grull meets a wandering Summoner named Elsbeth, who asks to join their party. The rest of the party reaches Oleg’s later that day and stock up on new equipment.

After a good nights rest, the party heads west exploring, eventually entering the northern Narlmarches. Suddenly, Grull’s horse steps into a bear trap and the party realizes they’ve walked into a trap field. After disabling the rest of the traps Aeldur scouts around and finds weeks out tracks from humans. After resuming their exploring they stumble into a second field of traps before finally setting up camp.

The next day makes for uneventful exploring, but on the following day the party leaves the forest and sees a swamp a few dozen miles away, along with lake Hooktongue. After doing some more searching, the party finds a blackberry bramble; when Basque gives it an investigative stab with his lance, he discovers that underneath is tomb. Seeing the tomb, Grull recognizes it as a burial cairn, one for a mighty barbarian warlord probably. Upon opening it, they find nothing more than a skeleton and a magic ring.

After closing the cairn, the group begins exploring Southwest. On the second day of exploring they smell sulfur drifting on the wind from the East. They travel east into the forest the following day, finding a hot spring. Upon investigation the party is beset upon by giant frogs, which are quickly dispatched. The party leaves the forest the next day heading south.

About midday the party spots a large pair of antlers above the trees, traveling back into the forest they find an overgrown statue of Erastil; which none of the horses will approach. Aeldur and Ephya spend the rest of the day restoring the statue; Aeldur goes hunting and offers his kill as a sacrifice to his god. Everyone but Basque, who was not near the statue, gained a keenness on their weapons. The statue has been sanctified.

The next day, exploring south west, the party continues through the forest when everyone feels a sense of dread overcome them. Ephya thinks the aura is necromantic somehow. They enter a clearing ahead and find a dead animal, which turns out to be a unicorn, which has been dehorned. It looks to have been killed in some unnatural manner, which the party theorizes must be magical, as the carrion hasn’t been infested with maggots. Aeldur finds the tracks of the Unicorn, which run into a field and then stop where it falls down, and no other tracks nearby. Feeling disturbed, the party decides to burn the body of the unicorn, and then bury the bones. They offer a prayer to Pharasma, it being the Day of Bones, her holy day. The necromantic aura fades, and the party is confident they consecrated the area as they leave.

As the party continues their exploration on the following day, they come to a river ford with some kind of wooden debris. Aeldur recognizes it as a nest. They are about to go past it when someone spots the glint of metal from it. The party charges the nest, finding tatzleworms inside. After killing the worms, the party searches inside the nest, finding a body with a backpack, which inside of it carries a map of the area, a temple of Erastil marked.



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